Posted by: gwgendutloh | December 16, 2008

Yang tersisa dari balik panggung

Yang tersisa dari balik panggung Sing to the dawn,
Waktu gak sengaja blog walking, baca postingan temen gw, gw menemukan suatu komen yang sangat menarik, gw sudah minta ijin untuk copy paste, nah ini dia:

Minfong Ho said at 2:53 am on December 4th, 2008:

Hello Achmadi,

I’m so glad I happened upon your blog, and have a chance to tell you directly, how very VERY much I like and respect the work that you and the other Indonesian artists have done to make my book come alive on screen. Even though my visit to your studio in Batam was very brief, I did get a sense of the incredible talent and dedication that you all, as a team, put into making “Sing to the Dawn”. It was truly magical – what you did.

I too have seen some of the critical reviews and comments about the movie – but hey, SO WHAT? It’s always easy for critics to sneer – it only takes a few minutes of their time to type out a few dismissive words, while stoking their own frail egos by tamping down the efforts of artists to create something new. If we listened to them, we’d just be sitting on our hands all our lives, afraid to try anything!

I’m glad and grateful that you all tried to make the story of “Sing to the Dawn” come alive on the big screen – especially to children too young to read the book. I know that if I was still a little girl, I would have found the images you created in the film, absolutely enchanting.

As it is, here I am, a middle-aged woman sitting in upstate New York, looking out on the bleak grey winter, already missing the vibrancy of the tropical greens and golds, but now I can just click on to the STTD trailer on you-tube, and feel like I can come home again.

You have all done a wonderful, wonderful job. I thank you all so much!

Perhaps we will have the chance to work together again in the future. I hope so.

All the best ,

Minfong Ho

Jadi apa menariknya?

Minfong Ho itu adalah penulis dari buku Sing to the dawn,beliau lah yang sejatinya paling punya hak untuk merasa kesal dan marah karena hasil karyanya diceritakan dan divisualkan seperti sekarang ini. Nah kalo dia saja bisa berkomen seperti demikian, kenapa kita mesti merasa gagal atau malu terhadap apa yang sudah kita kerjakan ini hanya karena karena berpatokan dari review2 menyeramkan untuk film ini.

Terima kasih banyak buat achmadi, buat tulisan lu what happen behind the curtain.

tulisan ini gw tujukan buat:
1. Teman-teman seperjuangan (mari kita berkarya lebih baik lagi)
2. Teman-teman seperjuangan dalam pembuatan film ini tapi merasa gagal dan malu (hehehe ga usahlah kalian merasa seperti itu).
3. Temen studio gw yang ga ikut andil tapi merasa bosan,muak, dan lelah terhadap keluh kesah kita soal pengakuan produksi film ini.




  1. masih ditunggu STTD-nya di Batam 🙂

  2. mampir 😀

    STTD bagus kok! Next time bikin yg lebih bagus lagi, Cal!


  4. @sanowasi: thnx for the link

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